Current Series


Walter Kaiser wrote, “The best preparation for a genuine revival and church renewal among the people of God worldwide is a whole new appreciation for the majesty and greatness of our God as presented in the Scriptures.” To describe God as majestic is to magnify His greatness. To describe God as majestic is to magnify who He is. The fact is there is no one like the God of the Bible. The God of Scripture cannot be compared to any other god, any other man, or even any aspect of creation. The God of the Bible is incomparably majestic. He truly is the only awesome One. I think we are starving for a more majestic understanding of God. We are feeding on mediocre views of God when we could be feasting on His greatness. It was Martin Luther who said in a letter to his friend Erasmus, “Your thoughts of God are too human.” Perhaps that also could be said of us in this so-called sophisticated twenty-first century. For that reason we will spend the next several weeks exploring biblical texts that magnify the majesty and greatness of our God. Join us on this journey and gain a new appreciation and faith in the God who exceeds every boundary and limitation known to man. He alone is God of gods, King of kings, and Lord of lords.